wwt_api_client.constellations Package

Interacting with the WWT Constellations APIs.

“Constellations” (sometimes abbreviated “CX”) is a modernized WWT web service with a social-media-style interface. It includes an identity layer based on OpenID Connect that Python-based tools can use to authenticate to the Constellations APIs.

The client can connect to different instances of the backend API and authentication service. By default, it connects to the production environment. To make it so that your code can choose which version to use on-the-fly, use the default constructors and set the environment variable NUXT_PUBLIC_API_URL. You’ll probably wish to use one of the following values:

  • https://api.worldwidetelescope.org for the production API

  • http://localhost:7000 for a standard local testing environment


ClientConfig(id_provider_url, client_id, api_url)

Configuration settings for a WWT Constellations client.

CxClient([config, oidcc_cache_identifier])

A client for the WWT Constellations APIs.