wwt_api_client.constellations Package

Interacting with the WWT Constellations APIs.

“Constellations” (sometimes abbreviated “CX”) is a modernized WWT web service with a social-media-style interface. It includes an identity layer based on OpenID Connect that Python-based tools can use to authenticate to the Constellations APIs.

The client can connect to different instances of the backend API and authentication service: the production environment (which doesn’t exist yet), the development environment, or a local testing instance. To make it so that your code can choose which version to use on-the-fly, use the default constructors and set the environment variable NUXT_PUBLIC_API_URL. You’ll probably wish to use one of the following values:

  • http://localhost:7000 for a standard local testing environment, or

  • https://api.wwtelescope.dev/ for the development environment


ClientConfig(id_provider_url, client_id, api_url)

Configuration settings for a WWT Constellations client.

CxClient([config, oidcc_cache_identifier])

A client for the WWT Constellations APIs.