wwt_api_client: Pythonic access to WorldWide Telescope web services

AAS WorldWide Telescope is a free and powerful visualization engine developed by the American Astronomical Society that can display astronomical and planetary data. This engine is powered by a large (multi-terabyte) collection of astronomical survey data stored in the cloud. The wwt_api_client package allows you to invoke the web APIs that constitute the WWT backend API.

Narrative Documentation

Python API Reference

Web Endpoint API Reference

Constellations API endpoints:

Legacy WWT APIs:

Legacy Communities APIs:

  • The Communities service is deprecated and unsupported. See the wwt_api_client.communities module for best-effort implementations of these APIs.

Getting help

If you run into any issues when using wwt_api_client, please open an issue on its GitHub repository.


wwt_api_client is part of the AAS WorldWide Telescope system, a .NET Foundation project managed by the non-profit American Astronomical Society (AAS). Work on WWT has been supported by the AAS, the US National Science Foundation (grants 1550701, 1642446, and 2004840), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Microsoft.