GET /handle/:handle/imageinfo

This API returns some information about images owned by the specified handle.


The request must be made by an account that has administrative permissions on the specified handle.

Request Structure

The request takes no content. The :handle URL parameter gives the handle to query.

The page query parameter is an integer giving a page number of the collection to query. Page zero gives the most recently-created images owned by the handle, page one gives the next most recent batch, and so on. If unspecified, it defaults to zero.

The pagesize query parameter is an integer giving a number of items per page. Valid values are between 1 and 100. If unspecified, it defaults to ten.

Response Structure

The response is as follows:

  "error": $bool, // Whether an error occurred
  "total_count": $int, // the total number of items in the collection
  "results": [
    // One record for each image in the page of results:
      "_id": $string, // the ID of this image
      "handle_id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this image's owner
      "creation_date": $string(iso8601), // the date this image record was created
      "note": $string, // freeform text associated with the image
      "storage": {
        "legacy_url_template": $string // This image's legacy URL