GET /image/:id

This API gets basic information about a specific WWT image.

Request Structure

The request takes no content. The :id URL parameter gives the ID of the image to query.

Response Structure

The structure of the response is:

  "error": $bool // Whether an error occurred
  "id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this image
  "handle_id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this images's owner
  "handle": { // Information about the owning handle
    "handle": $string, // the unique handle name
    "display_name": $string, // the handle's display name
  "creation_date": $string(iso8601), // the date this image was created
  "wwt": {
    // Astrometric/data fields used by WWT, as in `POST /handle/:handle/image`;
    // see the `wwt_data_formats` documentation for definitions of these fields
    "base_degrees_per_tile": $number,
    "bottoms_up": $boolean,
    "center_x": $number,
    "center_y": $number,
    "file_type": $string,
    "offset_x": $number,
    "offset_y": $number,
    "projection": $string,
    "quad_tree_map": $string,
    "rotation": $number,
    "thumbnail_url": $string,
    "tile_levels": $number(int),
    "width_factor": $number(int),
  "permissions": {
    // Permissions information; see `POST /handle/:handle/image` for specification.
    "copyright": $string,
    "credits": $string?,
    "license": $string,
  "storage": {
    // Data storage information as in `POST /handle/:handle/image`
    // For now, this is the only valid storage type:
    "legacy_url_template": $string // This image's legacy URL
  "note": $string, // A textual note associated with this image

See POST /handle/:handle/image for definitions of the contents of the inner image fields.