GET /scene/:id/permissions

This API returns JSON capturing the logged-in user’s permissions with regards to the specified scene.

The returned information is purely advisory. The final arbiters of what is actually allowed are the checks implemented for the actual APIs. Furthermore, it is always possible that the results of this API call end up being out-of-date by the time that you attempt to act on them. So in almost all circumstances, you should ignore this API and just attempt the operation that you want to attempt, and handle any errors that might happen. This API should only be used to construct UIs that may choose to hide or show certain elements based on the user’s permissions.

Request Structure

The request takes no content. The :id URL parameter gives the ID of the scene to query.

Response Structure

The response is as follows:

  "error": $bool // Whether an error occurred
  "id": $string, // the ID of the scene that was queried
  "edit": $boolean, // whether the user can edit the scene