GET /images/builtin-backgrounds

This API returns a list of images that constitute the set of built-in background images suggested to users.

Request Structure

The request takes no content.

Response Structure

The structure of the response is:

  "error": $bool // Whether an error occurred
  "results": [
    // List of image display objects:
      "_id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this image in the database
      "handle_id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this image's owner
      "creation_date": $string(iso8601), // the date this image record was created
      "note": $string, // freeform text associated with the image
      "storage": {
        "legacy_url_template": $string // This image's legacy URL

See POST /handle/:handle/image for definitions of the contents of the inner fields.