POST /images/find-by-legacy-url

This API returns a list of images associated with a specified WWT “legacy” URL. This functionality can be used to figure out which Constellations content is associated with legacy WWT content.

Request Structure

The structure of the request is:

  "wwt_legacy_url": $string // The URL to search for

Response Structure

The structure of the response is:

  "error": $bool // Whether an error occurred
  "results": [
    // List of zero or more image summary objects:
      "_id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this image in the database
      "handle_id": $string(objectID), // the ID of this image's owner
      "creation_date": $string(iso8601), // the date this image record was created
      "note": $string, // freeform text associated with the image
      "storage": {
        "legacy_url_template": $string // This image's legacy URL

In this API call, the legacy_url_template in each response item will be equal to the wwt_legacy_url in the input.